Just a wee bit about myself...
Valerie or Val, I'll answer to either one.

Some of the things that I love...

The sound of my snowboard cutting through the freshly groomed cords first thing in the morning when opening the mountain. I have been on the ski patrol since 2002, and they are my second family. It is what keeps me sane during the winter.

The muscle pain from a great ride in the woods. Mountain biking is necessity in the summer, when I'm not shooting. It clears the mind, makes me stronger, and puts a smile on my face.

The smell of dirt in my garden. The taste of fresh picked tomatoes and basil. The satisfaction of growing food for my family.

Watching my two young jedi padewans growing up way too fast.
And of course the support and love from my husband.

I love to capture images, moments really. The chaos of real life or the bruises, in the case of my two young jedi and their light sabers.